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Standard DonationPoint™ features include:

Donation templates customized to carry
your organization's brand

Forms that can adapt from computer
screen to tablet or mobile device. 

Donation options that can be tailored
to specific fund or campaign goal.

Fields for tracking donation purpose
options, opt-in for email and more.

  • Built-in reporting for tracking campaign or purpose
    codes, date ranges and more.
  • Ability for donor to choose Card or EFT, one-time or
    recurrin, or giving in honor or memory of someone
  • Importing donor/donation data into accounting
    system, such as Raiser's Edge, DonorPerfect, etc.
  • Donation pages that support standard Google analytics
    and tracking.
  • "Plug-in" apps providing special features, including
    volunteer registrations, event management and online
    gifting catalogs.

"We have used the DonationPoint™ software for several years. The interface is user friendly and the reporting is clear and concise. When i have contacted Customer Support, I have received prompt and courteous assistance. I appreciate that they are always just a phone call or email away."

Carrie Haadsma
Business Administrator
"It would be very upsetting to know that people are trying to give to your cause and can't because of some technical issue unseen. Well, this was the case with us. I reached out to Kopavi to look into the problem. They were supportive, patient and researched until the problem was found. We were able to correct the issue in a short time and loss of more revenue was averted. It is the kind of customer service businesses want."

Tayze Wilson
Open Door Mission Houston
"Customization and tracking are two of the best features of the DonationPoint Software. Bottom line, as digital evolves and user expectations increase or change, Kopavi is willing and ready to change right along with it. We love working with a partner like that"

Stephanie Tippit
​Brewer Direct