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Our Vision

"Imagination is more important than knowledge." -Albert Einstein

At Kopavi Systems, Inc., our ultimate commitment is to excel at designing and building "Creative Secure Technology Solutions" for eBusiness. This demands imagination and a passion for mastering new technologies.

Imagination is the ability to visualize something completely new and imagine how it might affect what it is applied to. It is the application of imagination that creates knowledge. Without the unbounded potential that is unleashed through imagination, knowledge becomes stagnant, and replication replaces creation.

At Kopavi Systems, Inc., we believe the seed of all knowledge is imagination. Where we come from, strive to be now, and envision ourselves in the future, is crucially linked to the creative process of imagination. At Kopavi Systems, Inc., we are dedicated to exploring and accomplishing that which has not already been done and doing what has been done, better.

With an excellent team of technologically skilled, imaginative, passionate thinkers, Kopavi Systems, Inc. is prepared to address the infinite possibilities for your business' success.

Mark T. Butler
CEO Kopavi Systems, Inc.